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Cheery, Peaceful, and an Owl?

This week’s collection of doors comes from my photo albums taken over the past few years. Hope you enjoy them, and to see even more great doors, go to Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge at:


Norm's Thursday Door; photos, March 2, San Miguel de Allende,
This cafe doorway with its colorful chair invites you in for your first cup of coffee of the day.
Norm's Thursday Door; photos, March 2, San Miguel de Allende,
And a closer look at the cheery chair and the door next to it.
Does this door look like a face to anyone else?
Does this door look like an owl to anyone else? I keep expecting to hear Whoo? Whoo? Whoo? coming out of the door handle.
Norm's Thursday Door, March 2, doors, pictures, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
I like the shell sculpture over the door, perhaps pouring down peace on all who enter.



12 thoughts on “Cheery, Peaceful, and an Owl?

  1. Love the owl……as an aside I used to photograph Stately Home and Castle interiors for several travel, heritage magazines. One editor always wanted doors linking the main room you were shooting with the next room left open so you could get a glimpse of what lay ahead…the other insisted the those doors be firmly shut. Made live fun on a shoot, set up the viewpoint with camera on a tripod then constantly opening a door, shoot then close the door and shoot again. Bet you never gave that a thought ! 🙂


  2. No, I’ve never thought about open or shut doors, and the idea of looking into the future through a doorway. Interesting perspective. I’m doing good to just get a picture of a door, open or closed. You have lots more patience than I do.


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