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Those Pesky Pricks in Life

I came too near a rose-bush this week and got pricked..several times. Which led me to ponder the various ‘pricks’ I’ve encountered in my 7 plus decades of living. 

And there have been lots of such injuries.

Some pricks are minor nuisances that sting for a moment and then are quickly forgotten. I think those are Life’s message about something in my path that needs to be investigated.

Then there are those pricks that draw blood, and require a band-aid. I usually get those when I haven’t paid attention to the first nudge. You would think this one would shake me enough that I’d study what is going on.thorns, pricks, pruning, lessons, shears, attention,

But no, my mind still has not grasped the significance of this painful encounter, and I continue to stumble along on a misguided path.

By this time, Life is shaking its head and wondering just what it takes to make me concentrate on what is needing to be studied in my behavior, actions, situations, or thought processes.

Forget the trivial pricks, we now have escalated to an intervention. That’s when I take a nose dive in the middle of the street suffering not only public humiliation, but the need to pay a visit to the nearest doctor for immediate repairs…to both my body and my ego.

Now I face some options:

Take a day off and think about what I may be avoiding, thus eliminating more pricks;

Take a day off and not go back in the street, thus having not to worry about more cuts and bruises;

Take a day off and drink my way to feeling no pain;

Don’t take a day off and continue down the path of escalating vicious pricks;


Yep, the possibilities are endless, which puts me in a quandary. What will I do about these pesky jabs that keep puncturing my consciousness?

I finally ‘get’ it. I must have the courage to take action, make a change, risk the unknown. Of course, that is after I fall off the ladder, pee my pants, and realize, ‘this is really uncomfortable and not very smart.’

So, I shield myself in protective cover, grab a sharp object,thorns, pricks, pruning, lessons, shears, attention, march to the garden, cut back those darn rose bushes. I now feel safe to stroll among the lilies and tulips…doing my best to avoid the poison ivy! I haven’t worked up the courage to tackle that itchy prick!

I have come to understand that ‘pricks’ come in all sizes, types, and situations. Some ‘pricks’ may be those found in your garden, and some may be walking around on two legs.

Just saying..thorns, pricks, pruning, lessons, shears, attention,


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