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Mind Over Fat?

I’ve believed, for many years, that what I visualize seems to work its way into my reality.

I see a ‘dipped cone’, cold ice cream covered in crusty chocolate, and suddenly I’m turning into a Dairy Queen.

Or, if thinking about a trip down the river, I can find myself suddenly washed into torrent rapids rushing me to the Gulf of Mexico…and me without a paddle. Who would have thought about visualizing a paddle?

Yeah, it helps to be specific about what we want and wish for and see in our mind’s eye.

I haven’t had to test my belief in life threatening situations, but I have used several techniques to lose weight, change jobs and careers, and remove people from my life without the use of guns or knives!

30 years ago I decided I wanted to have a flat belly, which meant I needed to lose weight, get toned, and, thus, look fabulous. So, believing in visualization, I scoured magazines for a picture of a woman with a concave tummy. Hard to find since that is not exactly the healthiest look one should aspire to achieve. But, I’m all for extremes.

I finally found such a picture, just the torso of a woman (probably 20 years my junior), with a stomach void of any visible fat cells. I cut that picture out, put it on my mirror, and viewed it everyday while I brushed my teeth. It was a simple reminder of what I wanted to look like.

Not long after staring at that image, I decided to start running. If you have read some of my past posts, you know that I became a running addict, jogging 6 miles a day, 6 days a week.

But, by golly, I got a skinny body. I also picked up some hip issues along the streets. I forgot to visualize healthy joints.

I’ve used this visual technique at various times in my life and for multiple outcomes, i.e. job promotions, house hunting, etc.

What I have learned is it is very important to be precise about what you want. If its peace, then get a clear picture of what peace looks like to you. If it’s a job change, it would be a good idea to see yourself not only with a different job, but a job you LIKE surrounded by people you LIKE. Nothing worse than changing jobs only to find out your office is on the 12th floor of a building without an elevator and your office mate bathes in Jungle Gardenia perfume…twice a day! Obviously the building was built before handicap requirements were passed, and the woman next to you has no functioning olfactory glands!

Hey, this may be your way of meeting another of your goals: losing weight. A 12 story climb should help you stay or get slim…if your knees keep functioning properly. And you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on expensive body sprays or toilet water.

There is a rainbow hidden behind every cloud, but you may get wet waiting on it to appear. You might want to visualize an umbrella.





8 thoughts on “Mind Over Fat?

  1. I passed a serious jogger yesterday. He had ran past we at least 3 times on my more leisurely walk. I caught him up (no I didn’t run after him – that just daft!) he was lying face down next to the path doing press-ups. Just couldn’t resist commenting – “go on like that and you will end up an old man just like me” 🙂 Well I though it was funny.


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