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Heritage is this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, and I can’t think of many things that are more of a part of American heritage than farming. These are some pictures I took this week while visiting a dairy farm that has been operation by the same family for more than 100 years, and a greenhouse operation owned and run by the same family using today’s  technologies and yesterday’s equipment.






What’s a farm with a cow and a few chickens?

farms, heritage, chickens, tractors, crops


4 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. Answering your question. I click on the link to your post and there are no pictures only little square boxes, with some writing in them like “heritage farming tractors planting crops flower dairy milking” that’s what is written on the broken link at the bottom of this post.
    That was the email with this morning’s post, so it still looks like a problem.
    Hope this helps as nobody else’s website has all broken links like yours, so it must be something to do with your articles, not my computer.


  2. Just went back to your email and clicked on the link in it. This is the link” http://heritage, farming, tractors, planting, crops, flowers, dairy, milking ” it take me to “This site cannot be reached”.
    There is something not right about that link, wonder if it maybe a clue why the photos have broken links.


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