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What’s Today to You?

Independence Day

What does it mean for any one of us?

Is it a day we claim for ourselves?

Or, a day we share with a community?

Is it a day of reflection?

Or a day of interaction?

A day we taste spirits and hotdogs?

Or dine on tamales and fried rice?

Do we wave the flag of our country,

Or celebrate our kinship with all countries?

Is this a day of Independence?

Or a day of Interdependence?

You choose.

Happy July 4th.




4 thoughts on “What’s Today to You?

  1. Not sure where any of us go. Two lunatics in charge, one in the USA the other in North Korea…both stomping there feet like bulls before a charge. With Dictatorships in Russia, China and many Middle Eastern Countries all managed on personal whims one has to wonder just where we go.


    1. Yes, we are standing on what seems like the edge of a great abyss. In the case of the U.S., our leader is so inept and self-absorbed its frightening to think he can maneuver through this political and diplomatic minefield with any success.

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      1. Sadly the only World leader that seem to have given him any support is our ‘Lame Duck’ PM May……. That says it all. Sad but worrying, when are folk going to wake up and call all our political leaders to account


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