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Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises


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It’s interesting how our perception of time changes depending on our age or anticipated events.

As a kid, the time between September and June was forever. Time crept while I waited for summer and for the freedom we would have swimming, playing, sleeping late, and going to camp. And then, time flew. It was already September and it was back to another long period of waiting.

Some view their jobs the same way, just waiting for retirement, looking forward to the long-awaited adult play time.

And when that free time comes, the days flash by, running over each other as they hurry to end while the next 24 hours shoves its way into our consciousness. The past is discarded with barely a look back, and we march forward spending our time with projects, people, travel, and living.

Oh, illusive time.

We can’t stop it, catch it, bottle it, or even explain it. All we can do is spend it, letting the minutes tumble by with each tick of the ever-present clock.

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This favorite clock hangs on my wall and the older I get the more I realize ‘Whatever’ is a good way to consider time. It will come, it will go, and I’ll fill it with something: breathing, singing, working, reading, helping, writing, cooking, laughing, planting, harvesting. A thousand activities will fill the minutes, and I’ll continue to be surprised at how slowly it comes and then how quickly it goes.

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7 thoughts on “Time: It Races, Jogs, Drags, and Surprises

  1. Great Post. Like the photo above, a great way to learn how to tell the time.
    Today most can only tell the time digitally, sad really.
    Have a nice weekend.


  2. I wonder in days long long gone when time was told by reading the sun in stone circles at the equinox and solstice, by the size of the moon and height of the sun………IF it went any slower. These modern time devices operate in the fast lane 🙂

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