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Starter kit for a happy life at any age

I think the Aussies have it right…these 4 magic tricks seem to add to our piece of mind, and to our happiness level.

What do you think makes you happy?

Write Into Life

modernmagicpract00hoff_0 Magic tricks for happiness in the bonus years

bootcamp2015-small 2(Reprinted from 2015) In which a skeptic succumbs to sheer weight of modern evidence about the foundation of happiness.

Here’s the nitty gritty message taught by the Science of Happiness MOOC from UC Berkeley. A surprising proportion of our happiness is under our own control. If you score a person’s happiness out of a possible 100, maybe 30% is a result of our own actions. Actions we can choose. Actions of mind as well as body.

These statistics (whaddya mean, 30%?) do my head in and arouse skepticism if not paranoia — so don’t ask me to explain them. All the same, I take it on trust that we can learn to behave and think in certain ways that increase our general satisfaction with life.

Here are four undisputed biggies which pop up consistently across many studies, trivial and massive, short and…

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One thought on “Starter kit for a happy life at any age

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging, Margo. Of course everyone needs people too: our social life is a powerful force for happiness. And I’ve found lately that I need a focus, a big writing project in my life as well — you could call it a purpose.


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