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Medicare in Peril

I’m not usually an alarmist, but we all are impacted by action taken by our elected officials. This is an important read from Time Goes By. I urge you to read it, and take action this week. This is critical to the future of million of Americans.


2 thoughts on “Medicare in Peril

  1. I have been following your 45th Potus’s first months with great interest as I could not believe the election result. I’m not so sure there was too much candidate choice, but as a foreigner, the election of Trump, a businessman with few morals, attainment to the White House seemed to be the precursor to very different kind of ethics for the USA as a whole. The health care issue is so huge, in any country and there is a moral responsibility on any government whose voters pay taxes, to provide a certain amount of healthcare, especially as we grow older, the elders need care and having paid many, many years of taxes, they should be able to receive that care, without stress or worry. Without casting aspersions, I really hope that you all will end up with an impeachment for the 45th as it doesn’t seem, to me, that his voters, drawn from Middle America, are part of his aspirations for “Making America Great Again” …God bless, it must be worrying times…


    1. It is worrying times, and a time for decision making for our citizens. We are going to have to decide where our moral compass is and what our values are: who are we as a people and what do we stand for. Thanks for your response.

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