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Harmonizing is Easy, Remembering Words Isn’t

In my next life I want to be a backup singer. I’m making plans now to fulfill that dream by practicing my harmonizing and word retention skills. harmonizing, singing, back up singer, music, remembering, Dick Tracy watch

You ask, “Why don’t you join a band during this lifetime, just in case the next one doesn’t materialize?”

Because it didn’t occur to me that I wanted to have a musical career until just a year or so ago. I heard someone say, as she was changing careers, she was going to sing backup for a group.

Ah ha, I exclaimed, I would like to do that too. But at 70+, what voice I once had has been tramped on beyond resurrection. Not that I don’t sing some for my doglets. But they are kind and forgiving souls and just make their way under my bed until my need to vocalize songs I once knew has run its course.

My family was quite musical. Mother played the piano, Dad sang bass, and I was an alto, learning to harmonize to those spiritual tunes sung weekly in church. Variety was not the spice of life so most of those hymns were repeated week after week after week. Repetition makes one remember notes, if not words. harmonizing, singing, back up singer, music, remembering, Dick Tracy watch

I remember learning to harmonize in the 7th grade choir, and I loved it. I didn’t want to sing the melody, but rather I found such joy in finding the ‘other tune’, that added richness to the song.

It’s not just my voice that has left me, but the words that once flowed from my lips seem to be buried deep in the recesses of my brain matter, perhaps not to be found until the next lifetime. In other words, I can’t remember the words to old favorites, whether church, musicals, plays, or patriotic tunes. I do have two sources  when the words don’t surface: Google and my sister. My sis is even better than Google,, and since we have a similar historical repertoire, she can quickly access some compartment in her mind where musical words are stored. Amazing.

Maybe in my next lifetime I can have a chip put into my ear so lyrics will be transmitted directly into my vocal cords. Don’t laugh. harmonizing, singing, back up singer, music, remembering, Dick Tracy watch  Who believed Dick Tracy’s watch would become reality?



14 thoughts on “Harmonizing is Easy, Remembering Words Isn’t

  1. The answer is obviously be-bop and doo-wop and their endless variations. Go for it! Or of course singing in a choir, where your own shortcomings are drowned out, and you may even have the script in your hands.


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