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My Three Needs

Recently someone asked me to name three things I can’t go without. I quickly answered:

  1. Humor/Laughter
  2. Writing
  3. Ice tea

Humor is a basic need of mine. I grew up with a lot of laughter in our household. My dad was a funny, funny man who told corny jokes that made us all laugh, even if we had heard the jokes multiple times.

And my older sister could have been a stand-up comedian if she had decided to pursue that career rather than becoming a pediatrician. Her facial expressions were priceless, and she had a natural wit that was contagious.

Mealtimes were always a laugh fest, and upon leaving home I had a rude awakening when I observed that not every family (in fact most families) did not have raucous laughter around their dining room table. In fact, most folks thought it a bit uncouth to ingest food while chortling loudly. Try as I did, somber meals did not work for me and still don’t. I’ve found that laughing keeps joyful juices flowing through my veins thus making digestion a glorious affair.

Writing is a ‘must have’ in my life. I have been writing since those early day letters I penned to my grandmother:

Dear Grandmother and Granddad,

How are you? I hope you are okay.

I’m fine.

Love, Margo.

I know, it was inspired writing at its best. Sadly, it may be the same level of composing as I generate today. But moving on…

Writing is a basic need for me. Why write? is not the question I ask myself. It’s like asking why breathe? Because I have to write/breathe to live. Of course, I could exist without writing, but my life wouldn’t be as full, as bright, as colorful. And don’t we all want fullness, and colorful meaningfulness to brighten our days?

So laughter/humor and writing are ‘can’t do without’ necessities.

We come to the third item on my list: ice tea.

By the time you reach my age, you should have a good understanding of what is important to you, and often it is the smallest of things that really make your life more comfortable. I could list Dairy Queen dipped cones, or chocolate cake, but for me, its ice tea.

Actually, I could skip the tea, but don’t you dare take away my ice.

4 thoughts on “My Three Needs

  1. My daughters would all relate to the remark about the uncomfortable discovery that not all families laugh at table (and the eldest could have been a stand up) … in writing this you take me back to that chaotic time and fill my heart with joy. Thank you.


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