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Stay or Go? Ask Hurricane Harvey

I’m about to end my month-long stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico…or that is the plan.

But, Hurricane Harvey is churning through the Gulf of Mexico heading directly to the central coast of Texas and then northward to the small town where I live in the south central part of the state. Not a big deal, you say? It is a big deal if we get 15-20 inches of rain in a short period of time plus high winds.

It’s not just the rain that will impact us, but people who are being urged to evacuate the coastal towns will be heading our way also. That means thousands of folks will be looking for rooms, food, water, and gas as they make their way to higher ground.

Plus, storms seem to play havoc with airline schedules. The question is, can we fly around the storm and avoid a delay or an airport closure? Maybe we can get to our first stop, but how close can I get to my front door without a boat?

There would be worse things than being forced to remain in San Miguel another day or 10 waiting out the downpours happening at home. That would be just plain awful, leaving this beautiful city to rush back to 100+ degree temps and skyrocketing humidity (108 heat index) AND 20 inches of water flooding streets and highways. Trust me, it would be an easy sale if the airline says we will have to stay put for extra days.

So, I await word from the National Weather Service whether Harvey will change course, play out once he reaches shore, suddenly become a whimper rather than a fierce scream as predicted, or force us to remain in paradise.

Guess what I’m hoping for?

I’ll let you know how this saga plays out.


15 thoughts on “Stay or Go? Ask Hurricane Harvey

  1. I’m here with Dad, hatches battened down. Would love for you to come back before I go, but Harvey will determine my departure and your arrival!


    1. I heard Bob got a pacemaker. Hope that will help how he feels. I hope to see you but have doubts that I will get back before you leave. I’m suppose to return on Monday, and think we can get to Dallas, but not certain if we can get to Austin.


  2. Safe is of course thexoperarive word. And sensible (though that one continually eludes me so I’m hardly for to preach it). My Grandfather, a high ranking British Navy Admiral who certainly saw some weather in his life used to say ‘is your journey really necessary?’ … Harvey will be the final arbiter but staying put might overall be wiser blame The Admiral … I always do 😉

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  3. Staying safe is key. Being from Florida, I have respect for these big storms and head for safer ground. One of the reasons I moved to north Georgia was to escape the heat and the hurricanes.


    1. I understand the need to get away from the heat and the severe weather. That’s one reason I have spent a month in San Miguel, Mexico. I do plan to stay safe and not venture into flood-filled areas, even if I don’t get home for several days. That is a nice thing about retirement.

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  4. Let’s make this about me: I think you should stay in San Miguel de Allende and find a cute little place where I can live when I finally make a decision concerning my final retirement destination. There, does that make it easier? 😉


    1. Of course that settles it. You will receive my invitation shortly to come and spend your retirement days walking the cobble stoned streets, sipping margaritas, and savoring the spicy textures of true Mexican food. What a life you will have…if your gastric juices aren’t opposed to questionable water.

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