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Thursday Doors Painted Mexican Style

I’m in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a few more days so am sharing more door pictures from this artistic city. It seems residents here feel free to paint, draw, color, and sketch on walls, buildings and doors. So a trek down any street is a charming experience in color and creativity. Enjoy other… Continue reading Thursday Doors Painted Mexican Style

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Corners and Curves–Daily Post Photo Challenge

Corner is the prompt for this week’s Daily Word Photo Challenge, and my first picture is all about some corners and lots of curves, taken in a lovely garden in France. I also threw in some shots of actual corners, just to fit into the prompt theme. See lots more at          … Continue reading Corners and Curves–Daily Post Photo Challenge

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Bum Bags (F…y p…s) are Back!

I just read a blog ( about the resurgence of what we uncouth Americans call ‘fanny packs’, but the British English call ‘Bum Bags’. And this is noteworthy, why? For some (young, or better dressed, or men), you may have no idea what a fanny pack is, but to us oldies who never had a sensitive eye… Continue reading Bum Bags (F…y p…s) are Back!

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Mundane Monday Photo Lessons

These are pictures I have taken as part of the Mundane Monday Learn Photography blog that encourages participants to take photos of everyday things to find their beauty and uniqueness. Thanks to trablogger for the lessons, and see more at The first two shots are of  thorns and grass taken up close. A tile floor viewed… Continue reading Mundane Monday Photo Lessons

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Handmade Eclipse Sun Screen

I was pleased to see this woman with a makeshift sun shield watching the solar eclipse in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on Monday August 21, 2017. It was only a partial eclipse from this far south of the actual path of the sun and moon crossing, but it was great to see her ingenuity.… Continue reading Handmade Eclipse Sun Screen

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My Three Needs

Recently someone asked me to name three things I can’t go without. I quickly answered: Humor/Laughter Writing Ice tea Humor is a basic need of mine. I grew up with a lot of laughter in our household. My dad was a funny, funny man who told corny jokes that made us all laugh, even if… Continue reading My Three Needs

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Flower Pots and Rooftops–Cee’s Flower of the Day

Cee’s Flower of the Day Photo Challenge for this Monday inspired these pictures from my archives of San Miguel flowers. Enjoy more shots at   It’s not always the flowers we admire, but often the pots they reside in.               Taken from atop a hotel rooftop

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Who are These Masked Characters?

I’m never sure why a parade is held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, but on almost any given weekend, somewhere in town you can find a band, participants of all ages, and lots of viewers enjoying a celebration. Here are some pictures of one of the parades held last week that included colorful costumes,… Continue reading Who are These Masked Characters?

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OOPS Goes to a Whole New Level…

This has been a week when we keep thinking ‘can things get worse?’, and for some people they have had worse days. Reblogging this from

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Oh, the Paths We Take–Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

The byways of our travels always take us to places that surprise us, comfort us, delight us, and often scare us. Find more Which Way routes at