Juan Travieso: “When Perrier bottles become a street artist’s canvas”

Juan Travieso’s art is breathtaking, and thanks to Streetart360 we get to see and enjoy it.

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Last Spring in Paris i had the opportunity to meet Juan Travieso, a Miami and New York  based Urban Artist. He was working on an artistic project with the famous French  sparkling water brand, PerrierI was fascinated by the originality and creativity of his artwork, but also touched by his committed  fight against the trafficking of endangered species. This is a cause  very close to all of the streetart360 team and i’m sure also to many of you as readers. StreetArt360 is  preparing an event highlighting the need of wildlife preservation in collaboration with other major organisations  at the end of the year, which will take place  in the United Kingdom. We will give you  more information about this soon. Stay tuned!  So today we will present you a great street artist,  Juan Travieso explaining who he is, where he comes from, his work, his projects, his collaboration…

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8 thoughts on “Juan Travieso: “When Perrier bottles become a street artist’s canvas”

  1. I love these and they remind me of work I did with children when teaching computing, we used eyes as the background and added coloured shapes around the eyes. Obviously these ones are far superior and right now I’m itching to fire up an art program!


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