Cats in Street Art and Graffiti

Cats win Street Art and Graffiti is a ‘must’ post whether you are a cat lover or not. Fabulous street art.

Street art and graffiti magazine

Many artists seem to be fascinated by cats, finding them inspirational, cats have been prominent in many artworks both past and still now in current day.
An artistic free spirit and these distinct felines have had a long history in common, especially in painting.
Since ancient Egypt, where they were considered as gods, cats were prominent in artworks.
They were also in fact the privileged companions of many writers, poets and painters, how amazing is that !
Therefore it is the independent and mysterious character of the cat that seems to fascinate lovers from within the Arts hence why the cat is often incorporated through words or form within their work.


From the demonic symbol to the status of star

Within paintings cats  have evolved from the negative, even demonic, symbol in Christian iconography, to the status of star in modern painters…

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