The “Wrong” Kind of Christian

I’m reblogging this post because the comparisons intrigue me.
I’m not religious nor a student of the Bible, so some of the arguments in the exchanges are out of my realm of expertise. However, I do find the comparison and discussion about these two athletes interesting and thought provoking. And the issues raised seem to bring into focus the nature of the problem we face as a nation.
Not being able to hear other’s voices and opinions seems to be at the heart of our hostility to one another.
I don’t know who will or will not go to heaven or who does or doesn’t meet God’s standards. What I question is why are we making such a big deal out of kneeling?
Kneel to pray. Kneel to protest. Kneel to tie one’s shoe. Kneel to assist a child. Kneel to fix something broken.
I give you permission to kneel, stay seated, raise your hand, close your eyes, or whisper a message in order to express your soul. It is you speaking your truth. It is not about my beliefs, nor my values. It is about you.
So, I say have at it. You are not infringing upon my rights to express myself. And your kneeling has not blocked my path to non violent self expression.
What is the big deal?

Happy Lutheran


Last week, one of my students brought to my attention a really interesting article from the Washington Post, titled “Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow:  A tale of two Christians on their knees.”  [Find it here: Tebow and Kaepernick].  It was written in light of the current practice of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice; a practice that Kaepernick himself started last year.  [Read about that here:  Taking a Knee]  That action has been widely criticized, not least by the president, and Kaepernick still finds himself without an NFL team, and condemned by many.

What many people don’t know–or don’t seem to care about–is that Kaepernick’s actions were motivated in no small part by his Christian faith; and what the response to his actions has revealed is “the brand of Christianity preferred by many in the church today.”

That’s the gist of the…

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12 thoughts on “The “Wrong” Kind of Christian

  1. I enjoyed reading the original post, thanks Margo. As you know I’m English, so not really my business and I don’t have the right to join in the discussion, but I can’t help wondering what all the fuss is about. My country is hundreds of years older than America and yet our queen would never make a fuss if someone chooses not to join in with the anthem. In the case of the sportsmen the reasons are to be admired, but surely everyone should have a choice? I’d always understood that was what America was all about ‘The land of the free. Or was that just a song? So interesting, thank you Margo


  2. Sing it sista. I read this article when it was published and have picked it up on one or two blog sites but your statement is by far the best I have read. Let’s just listen to one another, agree to differ on certain things, not get boiled about anyone else’s principles so long as they are not hurting themselves or others and just let it be. I guess what I mean is live and let live and don’t waste precious energy on getting all feisty when someone else has something to say – just let them say it, listen and if you don’t agree, move on decorously.

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  3. I consider myself a moderate republican and born again (Presbyterian). Unfortunately the right has been very successful in condemning K and fellow kneelers for disrespecting (allegedly) the flag, the anthem and the military and the outrage steams. Our patriots are outraged. But this allows them to avoid facing the ugly truth. K is not about a song, a flag or soldiers. He is about the murder of black men by the police in those cases where there is no measurable probable cause and the use of deadly force where it is not merited. Where’s the outrage ? When you capture the issue of patriotism you now avoid the guilt of having to face the real issue – the murder of black men . Patriotism allows white America to be in denial and wear a mask that the misdirection of anger self justifies facing the real issue. It allows white America to be dismissive of K’s message.


  4. You are so correct. In today’s America, it is popular to hide from the truth by changing the focus, and by altering the narrative. White America is fearful of losing their power, and protect that power using any means. Thank you for responding.


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