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6 Pounds of Love

A sharp, piercing cry, and she was gone.

My 6-pound loveable doglet Jasmine died. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Quickly.

And I hate it.

She was an adorable little princess. Full of energy. Lively. And an insistent ‘hold me all the time’ companion.

The blow of grief struck my heart as I held her limp body and cried my goodbye. She was so small, but took up so much space: laughing space, loving space, irritating space, and heart space.

She was not supposed to leave so soon. She was only 6, and her doglet buddy Chili is 17. Who would think this little one would decide to explore another playground…without Chili and me, leaving us unprotected.

Jasmine was my attack doglet, alerting me if a squirrel dared to cross our lawn or a walker was within her range of vision. I certainly felt safer knowing this dynamo was what stood between me and imagined danger.

It is with great sadness (and lots of regrets that we didn’t have more time to cuddle) that I say ‘happy travels, little one’. You are missed and remembered.

And know you were loved.

Jasmine, doglet love                                 Jasmine, doglet love

Jasmine, doglet love                                Jasmine, doglet love


34 thoughts on “6 Pounds of Love

  1. Oh Margo, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing a precious family member, and so much worse when the loss is sudden. Your other little companion will also be at a loss to fill the void. May you be of comfort to one another.


  2. Margo how devastating for you. The cavern left by that bundle of love and protection will take time to adjust to for you and Chili. I send you my warmest wishes and deepest condolences


  3. Ahh, Margo. I’m sitting here missing my Mackie all over again. I am heartbroken for you. I know full well how this hurts. And there’s no pill to make it better. I spent almost 3 months in Methodist with this blasted (literally) leg and much of that time I was missing my Mac. Not the black imposter who slinks around like the hand that feeds him is also going to bite him. As if. Oh how I grieve with you over Jasmine. And to lose her so quickly and with no warning. Lord, sometimes there is no justice.

    I think I remember that you leave very quickly now. I move back to Houston (the hotel) early Wednesday. I want so much to see you before you go! Any chance of a quick lunch on my nice gazebo while the weather holds and I’m still here–this is strictly a Tuesday Tornado but it would be fun! I’d also love to see Janetta, and I’m consumed with curiosity over your new half sister. As of Wednesday I’m gone till Nov 7 and I think you leave on the 1st. So if you can’t come today, maybe y’all could drive to Houston for lunch–I’m pretty open this year because I’m so laid up still. That could be fun, too, at either the Four Seasons or a private lunch in my offices at the George Brown?

    Even if you can take a minute and run over and let me hug you for Jasmine. Let’s at least do this.

    I’m truly so sorry.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely note. I’m better today, but I just get choked up when I think of little Jazz. She was darling. Isn’t it sad, but also wonderful, to have a pet that we are so attached to?

      I’m eager to get details about you, and to bring you up to date about our meet and greet with our terrific half-sister. She is wonderful, and we had such fun this weekend getting to know each other.

      How about I run out to see you tomorrow late morning…or at your convenience? I’m free until 3 (finance committee meeting). I’m not going to include Janetta because I also want to chat about Tejas.

      This has been a heck of a summer for you, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry that you have had to go through all this. let me know.


  4. So sad, sorry to hear such bad news about a member of your loving household.
    Jasmine will never be forgotten, your photos are very precious they will stay with you forever, wonderful memories.


  5. I am sorry for your loss. I know it hurts. Praise God for dogs who can love us. I wonder if the love that passes between a good dog, cat, horse, or other animal and their human(s) is a whispered remnant of the pervasive love that must have dominated in the age of Eden, when man was appointed by God to name His animals? Thank God for blessings like your little dog!


  6. I understand. I had to put my yellow lab to sleep before here time for complicated reasons and it haunts me every single day and I think of her every single day. Never had another pet. It’s been 32 years.


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