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I’m Traveling to Where?

Finally, I’m off on my travels to our southern neighbor, that would be Mexico in case  you are wondering which neighbor I’m referencing.

My sis and I are renting a home in San Miguel de Allende for several months  and it is wonderful to be on our way, after weeks of planning and preparing for this extended vacation.

You may think it is nothing to get ready to vacate your home, but this isn’t a simple task. As I’ve mentioned in earlier writings, I’ve made lists, more lists, and lists of lists in order to get prepared, and no matter how many bases I think I have covered, there will be things left undone. In other words, I have not thought of everything, or if I have thought about it that ‘important thing’ has slipped through the crevices of my mind probably never to be thought of again…until an emergency arises and I have to remember what I had forgotten.

If any of that makes sense to you, it would behoove you to join me as I attempt to find clarity in the mountains north of Mexico City.

I’m creating a space where I can give up responsibility for Anything and Everything. Sounds easy, but letting go of obligations is scary. After all, duties, jobs, obligations mean you have some control or power. Without responsibility to someone or some thing we are Free, and this freedom can be a bit overwhelming.

Think about it, when was the last time you didn’t have to think about anyone but yourself? Not your children, not your home, not your job, not your husband/wife, not your pet.

It sounds heavenly, until you realize that our obligations help to define us. We are parents, employees, employers, friends, volunteers, and caregivers. When you walk away from all those roles that identify you, you stand without the cover you’ve used to protect yourself.

This trip means I will have to redefine myself. I will be free to start over, choose new activities or pick up an old hobby. I can decide to go left or right, forward or back, up or down. Will I make new friends or become isolated? That is a decision I will have to make. Will I read all those books I’ve promised myself I’d finish? Or will I find something more interesting to occupy my days and nights?

The months ahead will be filled with decisions to make. Truth be told, whatever I end up doing, whatever I decide needs my attention, whatever path I take, it will be the right one.

You know that old saying, ‘If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll be surprised where you end up’. Well, I’m looking forward to the surprises that await me.

Is that really an old saying, or did I just make that up?


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