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My Wishes Keep Changing

I’m participating in Amaka Paul Challenge with the prompt of Wishes. My contribution may not fall within the parameters of the challenge, but, hey, it’s all about wishes. Read more at Ramblings of a Writer and at Sammi Scribbles.

It was a simple wish, not difficult or complex: I wish for you to visit.

You did come, and I was happy to see you.

I had a second wish for which I longed : I wish for you to stay longer.

You did stay longer and I looked forward to our conversation.

My last wish was unexpected: I wish for you to talk less.

So now I have 2 wishes:

I wish for courage to tell you I want to share our verbal space


I wish for you not to visit again.

These wishes will go unfulfilled, unless and until I am no longer here, or I get the courage to tell you to shut up and leave.

Oh, these wishes can be confusing, contradictory, and rarely satisfying.


13 thoughts on “My Wishes Keep Changing

  1. Oh, those thoughts, maybe for peace of mind it is better to leave them in our head, that’s where wishes are meant to stay.
    Hope all went well with your first days of your holiday challenge, taking each day as it comes.


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