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Locked Out of Facebook…Help!!!

 I admit I am a bit inept with certain computer skills, and I’ve confessed to these short comings previously.

However, I continue to have delusions that I will wake up one day and be transformed into a technical geek with insight and abilities Bill Gates would deem impressive.

Actually, my dream is far more simple than that. All I really want to do is figure out how to use Facebook. Yes, I know, your 3-year-old grandchild has mastered this outdated social media tool, and has moved onto Twitter, Linked In, and all the other secret groups that are popping up and down in the Ethernet.

You would think mastering Facebook wouldn’t be a big deal. After all, millions of people around the world bare their souls on this media outlet. But alas, for some of us mastering Facebook leaves us little time to explore other avenues of communicating. Maybe I will start a club of people who haven’t a clue how all this works and who don’t know any youngsters who came out of the womb flexing their fingers and grasping for a cell phone.

I need company on this lonely road to the land known as Facebook Understanding. But when I ask for assistance I get a shake of the head from those folks who had their neighbor’s babysitter set them up with FB. That’s if I ask a live person.

If I go online and seek assistance I get a message “Your account has been blocked because you are somewhere you aren’t supposed to be. Please put in your old password and select a new one.”

Sounds easy enough, don’t you think? Yes, you would think so.

So, I put in my password, make up a new one, and Voila…I get another personal message from the great beyond informing me that my current password isn’t correct. ‘Try again’ is the instruction given.

After multiple attempts at reentering the password I know is correct but isn’t accepted, and just before I start muttering to myself, I go to the Help feature with confidence assistance is just a click away.

There is no phone number or chat feature available in order to talk with a living, breathing individual, but rather written instructions on how to reset my password. So, back to the keyboard to try the written directions that assure me there is a path to Facebook Entry.

I click on the ‘click here’ button with hope and confidence that I will be able to cross over into this land of ‘what my cousin’s best friend’s daughter had for dinner’. But instead, I get a message, “Your account has been temporarily blocked, please put in your password.” Which I do, and once again I get the message that this is the wrong password.

By this time my mutterings have become screams, and I am pounding on the innocent keyboard, begging for help, desperate for deliverance from this Internet hell.

This pattern has been repeated several times a day for several days with the ridiculous hope that I will do something different that allows the Facebook gates to open wide for me to enter.

I wonder if getting through the Pearly Gates is as difficult as getting through this social media maze. Or maybe this is a trial run to see if I’m really able to unlock the gates of heaven without crying, begging, or throwing my computer out the second-floor window.

More coming on the outcome.

16 thoughts on “Locked Out of Facebook…Help!!!

      1. Yes! There is an option just underneath your password space that says “Forgotten Password”. It will ask you for your email id or phone number that is linked with your account. Enter that, and they might send a One time code to your phone number or that particular ID, along with the reset link. Use that to get to your reset password page. It is not very difficult.
        Facebook has a database of all your details, forced or not. One of my friends had to identify her friends using their photographs. If you identify a certain number of your Facebook friends correctly by their pics, it will allow you to reset your forgotten password, after taking the necessary details.

        Ooh also, I signed up with Facebook using my old Yahoo ID, so I’d advise that you enter the same ID that you signed up with. And it will get resolved! There is a lot of support out there for Facebook 😉

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  1. Well done!

    From: that little voice Reply-To: that little voice Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 8:07 AM To: Paula James Subject: [New post] Locked Out of FacebookŠHelp!!! that little voice posted: ” I admit I am a bit inept with certain computer skills, and I¹ve confessed to these short comings previously. However, I continue to have delusions that I will wake up one day and be transformed into a technical geek with insight and abilities Bill Gat”


  2. I had a similar experience, several years back with our business page. I don’t recall how we fixed it, but I do recall finding out that FB does not have a telephone number you can call…apparently they all text each other in the office, I guess. Good luck and wish I had the answer for you.


  3. At the log screen you will see area that says Forgotten password?. Click it and you should be able to enter your e-mail address .If you have multiple addresses you should use the one that is registered with Facebook. Instructions will be sent to your e-mail account and this will allow you to re-set your password. Hope you are successful.


      1. It’s probably blocked because of the repeated wrong passwords, normally it’s three attempts. These sites usually operate a block of a few hours. Be
        patient and leave it until tomorrow then try again. It will be sorted in the end 🙂

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  4. I know how you feel, I’m not having problems with Facebook, but Apple, I have given up getting my iMac updated. I keep getting this message.
    “This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or canceled”.
    Ali I have done is moved from the farm to town some 35 km and I have had my computer for four years now.
    All the best, hope you get it all sorted.


  5. Okay all, Sue was correct…I waited a couple of days and sure enough, I was allowed back in without so much as a password required. Thanks for reminding me to be patient, and I didn’t have to destroy my laptop!
    And thank all of you who offered words of support, and wonderful advice. mj

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