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Old Door and Lock–Mundane Monday Challenge

I found another interesting lock on a door in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico one day last week, so decided to share a picture of the lock up close, and another shot of the lock and a portion of the door as my Mundane Monday Challenge entries. See more at https://trablogger.com/mundane-monday-challenge-137-learn-photography/.

Trablogger Mundane Monday Challenge, photos, lock,

Trablogger Mundane Monday Challenge, photos, lock,

7 thoughts on “Old Door and Lock–Mundane Monday Challenge

  1. That’s some lock. It got me thinking who might have made it custom, and how old and strong it still looks. I wonder how old, and what lies beyond the door that needs to be locked away from sight? Pictures really do tell a story, imaginary or no — at least they do to me!


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