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Chili’s 2017 Christmas Diatribe

 Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz


Hi Folks,

I’m Chili, Margo’s adored and adorable doglet, who gets to report on the comings and goings around our house during the past year.

My human (that being Margo) has had some highs and lows in the past 12 months and I have been a silent observer watching all the chaotic activities from my throne atop a living room chair. It is an ideal spot to remain undisturbed but included.

The big news this year was the non-celebration of my 17th birthday. Now, wouldn’t you think that when a doglet named Chili reaches the canine age of 119 there would be a blowout party? Didn’t happen. No cake, no candles, no ice cream, no presents, no Happy Birthday singing. Just another day in the life of this old dog. Sigh!

But on to positive things about 2017.

I’ve been left at home a lot this year because my human has been on the go, zipping from city to city and country to country. And I might add, no doglet treats were in her suitcase when she returned from any of her travels.

The year started out with her being in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in early January—playing around with her sister and brother-in-law. Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz

Then she joined the protest the day after the ‘not so big’ inauguration by marching with hundreds of thousands of other disgruntled, angry, and indignant women in Washington D.C., voicing displeasure at the 2016 election results. Her pink pussy hat is displayed in a prominent place ready to be worn when another march demands attention.

Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz

A month later she was back in San Miguel attending a writers’ conference. As I mentioned in last year’s roundup, my human has taken up blogging and sends out some sort of messages daily. I would call it an addiction, if I didn’t want to eat regularly. I do know who feeds me.

Her bags barely got unpacked until she was off again, this time to Ireland with her step-daughter Darci. The two of them apparently had a delightful time driving on the wrong side of the highway and following strange signs as they took to the back roads of the Emerald Island.

                   Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz                        Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz

Now there was some really BIG news that shook the household. I guess it was big news because there was a lot of excitement, squealing, laughing, phone calls and people coming and going. My understanding is a bit fuzzy (remember, I am 119 years old) but the best I can figure out, the Williams girls discovered they have a half-sister. I guess she had been lost because her being found set off a hullabaloo that is still going on. I guess humans get pretty worked up when they find a sibling that has been hidden for 50 years. Anyway, lots of visiting and emails, and story-telling have been buzzing around ever since that news was released! And everyone seems to be extremely happy and excited.

Things slowed down and Jazz and I seemed to become a focal point for our human during the summer. That was until August when our human dashed off for a month back to San Miguel. That’s when major things happened. A hurricane (I think Harvey was its name and don’t ask me why they name these storms) caused the river that runs through our town to peak at 52+ feet destroying about 400 homes.

Our house was not damaged (I didn’t even get my feet wet), but many of our friends and neighbors lost everything. My human, looking for any excuse to return to San Miguel, turned the house over to some friends who have to rebuild, and said adios for the winter. I was left behind to keep this family company while she lounges around in Mexico.

I love the folks who are here, but I miss not only my human, but my little buddy who shared my throne on the back of the chair.

Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz

You see, Jazz, the feisty doglet who joined us 4 or 5 years ago, died suddenly in October. This was a shock to all of us, after all, I’m the old one. Jazz was only about 6, just a youngster. I don’t mention her to my human ’cause she starts crying. That little one was quite a love bug. Chili, Ireland, San Miguel d Allende, Mexico, Women's March, 2017, Jasmine, Jazz

Well friends, that’s about it for this year’s Christmas roundup. 2017 has been a fairly typical year for us with laughs, tears, high peaks and shallow valleys. I hope you and your family are healthy and are enjoying life to its fullest.


                                        We wish you a

Happy and joyful holiday season and a Fabulous 2018.

Margo and Chili

15 thoughts on “Chili’s 2017 Christmas Diatribe

  1. Chili you delightful little dog! You are wise and clever and you know your human loves you. 119 is an amazing age. My own doglet, The Bean, reached 70 last week – she didn’t seem to notice but my daughter who was staying and I did give her a special walk and we put her favourite cheese and pate on a plate for her and sang Happy Birthday …. her interest waned once she had licked the platter clean. Your human is a wonderful writer and takes marvellous pictures which transport me to lots of new places. I wish her continued success with her lovely blog, a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful, contented New Year with a healthy dollop of joy and raucous laughter. And you I wish comfort and content. Once more I would like to say that when little Jazz died I felt so sad for you all. She nestles snug in your hearts and takes care of you, I know.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Margo … your good wishes are safely stored like fairy dust for the sprinkling! The Bean is very happy to be recognized as young 🐾🐾 🎄 🧚‍♀️


  2. Thank you Chili. I hope that you and your human have a lovely time over the holiday period, even though you are far apart. Best wishes for 2018. I hope it is a year of fun, good health, and lots of treats.


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