Daily Post Photo Challenge-Beloved-Cats

Today’s Daily Post Photo Challenge prompt is Beloved, and these two cats are the picture of beloving…at least for the moment. See more challenge pictures at https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/beloved/

cats, beloved, mates, daily posts, photos

cats, beloved, mates, daily posts, photos

10 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge-Beloved-Cats

    1. Me too, but saw these two felines lounging in the sun and thought it was cute. Liking your posts, and learning alot from them. Taking a writing course and really enjoying it. It is a memoire class, so I’m beginning to get my arms around how I want to perhaps do a book. We’ll see, as our looney president says.

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  1. Oh these are gorgeous Margo, so cute. I’ve always had both cats and dogs, but I think I lean toward dogs. I can never get my head around why some folks allow cats to walk on kitchen surfaces where food is prepared. None of us would allow our dogs to do that! Cats can be trained. Sorry…

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