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A to Z Challenge-Life in My 70s


Life in my 70s is my theme for the April A2Z Challenge. I may write daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes me…that’s part of life in your 70s…you get to choose.

“Most people don’t grow up. It’s too damn difficult. What happens is most people get older.” — Maya Angelou, The Art of Fiction No. 119, The Paris Review

A for Aches–April 1

A, for those of us fortunate to reach seven decades of living , stands for ‘aches’, those twinges of discomfort slapping you into consciousness when you roll over in bed first thing in the morning expecting to swing your legs over the side of the mattress to launch your daily routine with vigor and enthusiasm.

But, oh, wait. Grunt, moan, grumble. Pain is radiating from my hips, or is it my knees? No, its my cramping feet. Reality sinks in: my entire body is screaming ‘Kings X’ at my efforts to jump up as I did when in my 30s. Maybe I never bounced, bounded, or vaulted from my tangle of sheets, but I don’t recall the intensity of groaning  being this deafening as I struggle to get into a sitting position.

Yep, those annoying pains are a welcome reminder I am still alive, if not kicking.

B for Belongings–April 2

Belongings are cumbersome. I spent 50 years accumulating. Today I want a dump truck blocking my driveway crammed with those once treasured items. I’m overwhelmed by possessions. They demand attention, restricting and even suffocating my activities.

I’ve told friends and family members, come take whatever you want. Feel free to be greedy. One caveat is required: for every item you grasp, I will add two more to your basket. Seems only fair.

Guilt and relief clash for dominance.

How can I discard Mother’s china?

It hasn’t been used in 30 years. I’m not moving it again.

The arguments continue as I release each piece of my history, and my family’s legacies, liberating my spirit from the bondage of paraphernalia.

Oh, but the most brutal conflict comes as I sort through forgotten albums, tossing photos of unnamed and unknown characters into trash bags bound for the recycling center.  Who were those people?  We’ll never know.

I’ll secret a few pieces to keep, leaving the chore of discarding them to someone burdened with the task after I’m gone. Until then, I’m floating, free of those cumbersome belongings.

C for Changes–April 3

We experience changes throughout a lifetime, but modifications and/or transformations in our 70s can create panic levels of anxiety.

Moving down the street, across town or to a new city, changes bring startling insights, tinged with a sense of adventure, excitement, and fear.

Why are changes more challenging in our 70’s?

Experience has taught us to expect the unexpected. We have survived the cascade of ups and downs, and we wonder if we are resilient enough to conquer yet more unknowns. Then our untethered emancipation kicks in and we allow ourselves to enjoy the alterations that will bring joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. After all, that’s life, even in our 70s.

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15 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge-Life in My 70s

  1. Ah! Possessions! The blight of my life as I get older. I find it extremely hard to throw out anything given to me as a present. It hampers any attempts at spring-cleaning and de-cluttering!


  2. Thanks ever so much for the follow, Margo. You showed up on my radar so late I never made it over here to read your posts! I will be back around tomorrow to catch up! 😀


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