A2Z Challenge L for Liberty

Here are more alphabetic thoughts on being in my 70s as part of the A2Z April Challenge.

L for Liberty 

April 12

Liberty rushes to the front of my mind when looking at the letter L in the context of being in my mid-70s.

Liberty to be unencumbered by most social mores.

What I wear, how I look, even what I say matters less than even 5 or 10 years ago. With age I feel I’ve earned the ‘right’ and/or ‘freedom’ to be and do what I have not allowed myself. What a relief! I can color my hair pink. I can wear my comfortable and preferred jeans and t-shirts every day. Honest opinions  are voiced without concerns of financial repercussions or social exclusion. Not that being banned from certain circles was a new experience for me. At least I don’t  find it as hurtful as when I was in the third grade and wasn’t invited to a classmates birthday party.

Liberty to make selfish choices.

A selfish choice is reading a trashy romance novel just because I want to recall the excitement I once felt when a guy’s arm tentatively encircled my shoulder at the drive-in theater. Today, if his arm is grasping my body it means I’m holding him up.

Another selfish choice I indulge is being idle. No schedule, no plans, no calendar, no ‘doing for someone else’. I never allowed myself to do nothing, thinking I must be busy,  helping, producing or I would be considered selfish.

I relish frittering away an afternoon with no goal in mind nor a result expected.

Liberty to be emancipated and independent without fear.

In my 70s I’m more keenly aware of the necessity for all people to be free and have authority over their own lives, determining for themselves and owning the consequences of those choices.

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