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A2Z April Challenge M and N

M for Memories

April 14

When are our memories activated?

At the age of 6 did I remember a particular incident from last week or last year?

Maybe when I was 14 I recalled thinking I would see cowboys when our family moved to Texas two years earlier.

Or at 30 the memory of dancing to ‘Autumn Leaves’ during a ballroom dancing class in high school.

I don’t know when my memories began, but my mind is crammed with a plethora of snapshots accumulated over seven decades of playing, crying, laughing, singing, studying, living. My reminiscences aren’t in any particular order, they just crop up unexpectedly.

Hearing a song, smelling an odor, tasting a ripe watermelon, cuddling a puppy, watching ducks on a pond. Memories float onto my mind’s screen, replaying as though I’m living in that past moment.

I talk about them, attempting to explain the mystery of an incident. I smile, or nod my head, perhaps shed a tear assuring myself it was real, and celebrating those times that will never be lived again.

I  wonder why parents take infants and toddlers to places like Disney World or operas when they are too young to remember. Perhaps, just perhaps, that exposure infiltrates a child’s memory bank leaving an impression that lingers throughout one’s life. Which leaves me wondering once again, when do we begin to have memories?

N for Naughty

April 15

And haven’t we all been there?

Naughty mean. Naughty critical. Naughty funny. Naughty kind.

I’m redefining naughty, altering the meaning of a word from negative to realizing it can describe being impish, mischievious, or even clever.

An advantage of being in my 70s, I can change rules, beliefs, definitions, directions and choose to be naughty in multiple ways.

Life is grand in my 70s.

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10 thoughts on “A2Z April Challenge M and N

  1. My girlfriend ‘a mother in law was being “naughty ” one time. My friend protested her behavior. Her mil’s response was she had received her letter. Letter? filled responded. Yes, mil stated she received a letter that told her that at her age she could do whatever she wants. I just recently received my letter. Sounds like you got yours also.

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  2. Love it Margo. Don’t you wish that some memories would just stay hidden. Some of mine make me cringe and I ask myself,”Why on earth did I do that?”
    When my first child was born my dear eldest brother told me that I was in charge of creating her memories “So make sure they’re good ones!”


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