May · San Miguel de Allende · Texas

See You in a Few…

I’m heading back to Texas today after a six month stay in San Miguel de Allende, so I may be missing in action for the next 5 weeks.

After reconnecting with friends, catching up on the latest gossip, and chowing down on a Texas steak I’ll head back to SMA  in June for more time strolling the streets and soaking up the color, culture and casualness of a unique Mexican town.

“I am not spending another summer in the heat and humidity,”

That’s been my vow for years and  in June I’m going to test the temperatures in the high desert of Mexico. Transplants from the states swear the weather in SMA is mellow, and I’m putting it to the test. Give me soft, gentle, and cool days and nights from June through October and my skin will be forever grateful.

My husband described fall evenings in south Texas as velvet. Soft, smooth, gentle. It is true. Summer evenings, however, feel like a sauna turned on high with suffocating moisture clogging your pores.

But before I return to this hoped for summer oasis, I’ll be busy sharing tales about cobbled streets, multi-colored residences, breaking a foot, and eating true Mexican food. Being away from my friends, my favorite Tex-Mex foods, and my own bed is considered ‘roughing it by many folks, and I’m one of them.

Hope to keep hearing from you during May, even if you don’t find me responding immediately.

Talk to you in June.



12 thoughts on “See You in a Few…

  1. Welcome back to LG, Margo! I have enjoyed your posts while you were in Mexico, and I look forward to more of them when you return.


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