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Twittering Tales–Messages

This is a new challenge from Kat Myrman at Twittering Tales. The prompt is the picture, and the goal is to write a story of 280 characters or less about the photo. Hopefully I have written a story with less than 280, but my counting ability may be slipping. I can tell you to find more entries at https://katmyrman.com/2018/05/22/twittering-tales-85-22-may-2018/

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The wind started as a gentle breeze, caressing her arms as she watched the darkening clouds from the screened porch. Who will come ?  What message? Good news? Fearful  reminders? Lightening flashed, a sudden shift in the gale’s force. No one will dare venture here today. The wind howls. She retreats into the cold house to await…what?

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