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How Do I Feel?

From the Sandbox Writing Challenge we are asked what would make us feel the way this woman appears to feel, and my response is below. See other creative responses at

What would make you feel the way this woman feels?

He drifted to the edge of my vision, waiting for me to focus and invite him in.

Is he real? Has he returned?

He began his journey into death thirteen years ago, leaving me to forge a life alone.

Will he fit into my life now? Have we become different people? Will we meld together as we once did?

My eyes soften, shoulders relax, my hand grasps my heart, and a grin breaks across my face.

He’s back, if only in my dreams.

17 thoughts on “How Do I Feel?

  1. His nibs and I have talked a lot about how it will be when the first of us passes on. We, too, wonder about all those years we COULD have had if we’d been wiser about our health years ago… We often wonder if we’ll make it to our 50th anniversary. Three years to go! Very poignant, Margo.


    1. Thank you. I miss Jack, and I wish his health had been better and he had lived longer. I also know I wouldn’t be where I am today if he were still alive, and my life is really quite nice now. I would be different, I don’t know how, but jack was in my life and I was in his for the perfect amount of time. We were lucky, and I continue to be.

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