U.S. Supreme Court

Bullying Wins Again

Once again we saw a white man bully his way onto our country’s highest court.

Yelling, blaming, accusing, crying.

The actions of an abuser striking out.

The world watched as a privileged male displayed his outrage at being challenged, followed with cheers for masculine dominance by the 11 Republican Senators who were galvanized to ignore and ‘trump’ over due process, delighting in the feel of dominance.

One more time our nation has been verbally abused by the powerful.

We saw an irate man act out his frustration, reverting to blaming rhetoric, accusing the less powerful for his own inadequacies.

This was exploitation and molestation in living color.

Not one person stood up and told the bully he was out of line. No one. Fear? Decorum? Shock? Acceptance?

Instead, the tyrant ranted, snorted, and kicked dirt, like a bull readying for an attack.

The stark difference between a raving man, and a determined woman was shocking. But alas, the perceived power of physical control won. She was a victim: weak. He the predator: strong.

We watched, knowing testosterone won. An abuser will go unpunished, beating his chest in success.

Can you hear the laughter of victory as he stumbles down the stairs, relishing his power?

18 thoughts on “Bullying Wins Again

  1. Good summary; but I don’t think this is over. Even if he’s appointed, I think he’ll be under the microscope for the rest of his life. Additionally, the rights of victims may have lost a battle yesterday, but I do believe all those oppressed by the privileged and powerful are slowly winning the war. I look back at the restrictions imposed on my mother’s and grandmother’s generations and see that we have made progress. But, it was surely a disappointing day for equality and accountability.

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    1. I do appreciate your optimism, and I hope, hope, hope, you are correct. I’m just so discouraged that once again we allow men to make decisions that affect women. But, we will live to fight another day. mj

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  2. I watched. I should not have. The whole debacle that was televised yesterday has left me angry, hopeless, weary of doing battle. I do not know, we will never know, if he was innocent or guilty, although the calm sureness of Dr. Blasey-Ford makes me want to believe her. I think I do, but what I know for certain is that Kavanaugh’s behavior both frightened and ffrustrated me. If he is innocent, I can understand to an extent, but I do not like. Then Lindsey Graham stepped iin, displaying a vision that I would rather not attribute to a person supposedly here to do the best he can for his country and its people. I do know this – after watching yesterday’s not very amusing circus, the men that have been in our Congress for 30 +- years need to go. They still carry the mindset that women are property.

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    1. Debacle and circus are nice words for an afternoon of male abuse and enablement. The candidate’s behavior was the telling factor for me. Do we want that mindset, that type of reaction, and emotional drama on our highest court? His bullying behavior was obvious, and when he doesn’t get his way, he throws a temper tantrum. And the Senators allowed it, just as they are allowing the President’s ravings to go unpunished. Where are the parents in the room. He needed to be spanked.

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  3. Quite why many of the Republicans were allowed to use their 5 minutes to apologise to the Judge for having to be there, rather than trying to explore the truth, is beyond me. The Chairman appeared as though he should have been at home with a good book, rather than being totally biased, and eating his snack. I am not optimistic for US, or UK, politics!

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    1. This spectacle is so disheartening. I hope one of these women will bring charges against him. Doubt that will happen, but not certain how to make a difference. The man is a bully, and it was on clear display yesterday. Sad and heartbreaking.

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  4. Well done, Margo!!! You said it, Sister. The NYT had an even more disheartening article this morning, interviews with women in Maine watching the hearing. They couldn¹t decide who to believe!

    We have been so conditioned to be persuaded by male anger and self-righteousness, to question and blame ourselves in the face of their belligerent bullying. It¹s women we must convince –to hear that self-pity and outrage for what it is‹sheer bullshit, designed to keep us in line and under their thumbs.

    I watched the whole damn thing yesterday, and today I just want to cry and cry and cry.

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  5. Anyone who watched Kavenaugh should have seen he doesn’t have the right temperament for a LIFETIME appointment as a Supreme Court Judge. A Supreme Court Judge must be fair and nonpartisan. Kavenaugh threw a tantrum!! He didn’t answer most of the questions asked. Instead, he became belligerent. This is his job interview. If a McDonald’s candidate acted this way during an interview…would they get the job???

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  6. Having deliberately switched off from the seemingly never-ending political fiasco over at your side of the pond, I was a little late picking up on this story. I haven’t seen the latest showing, but I did catch a couple of others. I find it hard to believe or trust a man who cannot offer a defence without bringing in the name of God, religion and his children. I’ve noticed your male politicians do that a lot. I wonder why that is?


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