Fresh Air into the Hallowed Halls

Oh my god! Someone opened a window in the U.S. Senate confines and let in fresh air!

It is a small window, and has been shuttered for years. But thanks to Senator Jeff Flake, Dr. Ford, protesters, survivors,  reasonable legislators, and an awareness that our system was on the edge of a national catastrophe, friendship and compromise provided a path away from the precipice. Maybe it is temporary, but we can take a deep breath and ponder how close we came to descending into disaster.

Perhaps, just maybe, clearer minds will recognize the need for the branches of government to function the way the Constitution sets forth, and perhaps more windows will be kicked open, allowing sunlight, unbiased air, and cooperation to bathe the hallowed halls of our government.

This is the way the legislative body should work: both sides talking, listening, solving problems that work for the American people. Compromise.

I stand against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s proposed appointment to the highest court bench, but am relieved a closer look at allegations and his temperament is forthcoming.

It is a step toward democracy, thank goodness.

Admittedly, the chaos has been educational. We sat in the civic classroom via our cell phones, televisions, and other electronic devices and saw how government works, doesn’t work, and how solutions benefiting our nation can be found by compromising.

Again, thanks to the abuse survivors who dared to expose their secrets. Thanks to Senators Flake and Chris Coons for their persistence against opposing and combative views. Thanks to the thousands who sent emails and made phone calls. Thank you to the protesters who were jailed.

Now it is up to us, American citizens, to do our job. Vote on November 6. Let your voice be heard. While you’re at it, open more windows. The fresh air and a nice breeze will do us all good.



6 thoughts on “Fresh Air into the Hallowed Halls

  1. At least now there is hope that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed – hope that when the FBI report comes in it will be viewed by eyes that are open, by minds that are open and not already made up. This is a huge reminder to everyone to get out and vote – we need more women in our government. We need an honest evaluation of our election processes, particularly relating to campaigns and the funding for them. We need to honestly review the Electoral College. These things need to be done without regard to party. Hope.


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