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Are We at the Same Concert?

It is recommended, in fact, urged, for a column writer to have a topic or theme to their musings in order to keep their readers engaged.

I fail that test.

If you are a regular or random follower of my weekly (irregular) contributions, you know I write about whatever comes to my mind, thus leaving readers wondering where I will go next and/or attempting to make sense of why I’m pontificating on any subject.

I too ask myself those same questions. Often being surprised at what comes out when I sit down at the computer and my fingers begin to tap out words on the keyboard. The digits of my hands seem to take on a life of their own, and I just let them fly, not directed by any pre-planning.

This randomness leads me in directions I have not considered or even prearranged in my head, allowing my mind to dance freely in an act of abandonment.

Sometimes I do have an intended projection, particularly if I am angered or saddened by some perceived injustice. I feel compelled to voice a concern, allowing my fingers to scream for me.

And, I’ve been known to look at situations with a bent sense of humor sharing my warped (some would say inappropriate) perceptions about happenings I find odd, strange, wrong, right or all the above.

My sharings are best described as pieces of me, and I believe reflect pieces of you, also. We may see the same situation differently, but we share the experience, thus making us interact. And that, my friends, is my goal.

We do not have to agree, but if something touched a sensitive note in me, it probably struck a chord in you. The sound or feeling may be interpreted differently by each of us, but we heard the same melody. We are left knowing we are attending the same concert. We may be sitting on different aisles, hearing more brass than strings, more percussion than wind instruments.

Enjoy the gig, and feel free to let me know you hear the music.



13 thoughts on “Are We at the Same Concert?

  1. That’s the way I view my blog – as a place to spread those words that need to be set free, about whatever is on my mind at that moment. I never promised continuity.


  2. I love all of your posts. And there is no continuity on my blog most of the time. I write what i want, and i’m happy you write what you feel too, Margo. That’s the way to do it.


      1. Oh gosh, just ignore those. My definition is not what theirs is. How to get more followers, blah, blah, blah. Etc etc. No fun or happiness there. All about likes and numbers..


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