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We Who Have. The Haves and Have Nots

The hushed darkness slowly comes alive as candles, one-by-one, are lighted spreading a soft glow throughout the sanctuary.

‘Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…”

Voices raised in unison, honoring the birth of a child who after 2000 years continues to be a beacon of love and hope to millions of Christians.

As I recall past Christmases the strains of that traditional hymn continue to bring peace to my soul and visions of a simple life where gifts waited to be opened, a tree filled with colorful lights beckoned the gathering of family, yuletide feasts were consumed, and festivities started with a Silent star-lit Night.

Are we offering those same comforts to a world filled with starving, homeless, desperate people seeking a warm bed, a safe life, and love from their fellow humans?

God knows.

Happy holidays to those who have, and a safe, love-filled holiday season for those who don’t.



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