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Red for the First Week in February

Red is this week’s Weekly Prompt and I found some reds in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The color brings to mind heart, action, desire, hot, fiery, and passion. And it represents life and blood. My contribution to this week’s Weekly Prompt features flowers of love, life-sustaining water, and the bloody actions within a bull fighting arena.  Check out other Red pictures at

Red tulips are ready for Valentine


                                                   And what is a garden without a red watering can?











It’s fitting that the door to the bull fighting arena is blood-red.


I couldn’t resist showing these heart stopping beauties. Are they Tiger Lillies?


8 thoughts on “Red for the First Week in February

  1. My favorite color! Funny, never registered that the doors to the building were red. You’re right, it is a fitting color. Enjoyed the post.


  2. It seems that you can’t edit your own comments, so this is an addendum. LOL That should have read “bull ring” instead of “building”. Reminder to self to read dictated text before posting


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