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Weekly prompts–Flu Shots

Oh, the old flu shots.

An annual ritual guaranteed to stiffen your arm or put a hitch in your get-along if you dropped your drawers for a hip injection.

I usually get the shot in my arm, and even when I don’t feel the prick of the needle by the next morning it is difficult to brush my hair with the inflicted arm.

But, I traipse religiously to the office of pain each fall (that’s October or November in the northern hemisphere), and feel I’ve protected myself from floating and invasive germs that are just waiting to attack me. And sure enough, as May follows January, the flu follows the shot.

I’m not saying the bug comes as a result of the injection, but nonetheless, I seem to attract whatever viruses are immune to that year’s particular concoction of anti-flu juice the experts are predicting will keep your head above grave level.

When I complain to the Doc that I will get attacked regardless of my steadfast belief ‘this year will be different’, her response is “but you probably won’t die. Without the shot you might.”

And that, my friends, keeps me returning to the sterile hallways of a medical clinic to expose my upper arm to a seemingly benign punch of life saving liquid.

And yes, this fall I got my shot, a month or so later I was accosted by the flu bug, but I’m here to tell you I lived  thru it.

Thanks, Doc, for keeping me alive.

Read more about flu shots at https://weeklyprompts.com/2019/02/06/word-prompt-flu-shot/.


9 thoughts on “Weekly prompts–Flu Shots

  1. Well just a suggestion – NAC might be nice to tslemdurijg flu season – my friend’s naturopath suggested it and her lungs have never felt clearer – I have been using it for liver support – but just a small daily amount (one capsule) and I had no idea that NAC was all’s good for flu resistance as it helps the immune system by supporting lung health a brain health and of course the liver support
    — and during the flu season she takes 4 to 5 caps a day – I did it this winter and felt a difference
    Anyhow – there are many things ya we can do for flu prevention because the best prevention is a strong immune system – which I know you know (and what really bugs me is the flu vaccine in the states has mercury and that is really bad for humans – (wreaks havoc)


      1. Hi – it is just an amino acid – so a health supplement and I like jarrow brand – but it allows your body to make other amino acids that are crucial for health- it breaks down mucus and microbes – probably why it helps lung function so much – and the acetyl part (the A) means it is broken down and crosses the blood brain barrier and helps brain and so much more
        and as noted – seriously did not know what all the hype was until I really felt the 4 to 5 a day give me results – I went back down to one a day but as needed I will up my dose for a week.
        I also love love love this supllement called Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals – it has glandulars and is this huge boost to those who need healing and immune support (and I used to anti supplements until I used vitamins and minerals (and aminoes and enzymes to heal)


  2. What is NAC? My flu kicked off just days after my flu vaccination. I was ill for weeks. Apparently, the vaccine takes 14 days to kick in and provide immunity, and then only covers to 3 or 4 strains of flu. There are strains around arrive too late to be covered by the vaccine.

    I’d rather have the flu jab (shot) than not have it because normally, for me, it even appears to guard again the common cold.


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