February is Over–Finally

Thank goodness another February has passed.

I say this annually when the calendar flips to the third month, exposing blank squares with few notations.

Like a feather duster, March seizes clumps of sadness and grief and sweeps them into next year.

What a relief.

We once celebrated all month: his birthday on the 3rd of February, our wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, and every 4 years Leap Year. But like all festivities, music fades, lights dim, and raucous laughter is replaced by wistful tears.

It’s not all gloomy skies for 28 or 29 days. But come February I will be slammed to my emotional floor and feel the pain of loss. I’ve been told these traumatic events leave a cellular imprint, triggering a replay of those initial emotions around the same time of the year.

True? Don’t know. But I know I’m unexpectedly laid low every February, often surprising me with intensity.

Another wrinkle is thrown into the poignant mix.

Jack’s death was a Leap Year event. He died on February 29, and my Dad passed away 36 hours later. This makes the exact day of both their demise a bit confusing. Does this mean three years out of four Jack died on March 1 and Dad on March 3, but on the fourth year we memorialize their passing on Feb. 29 and March 2?

This is probably not a big deal to anyone else, unless you were born on Feb. 29. If so, you probably have no idea how old you are in any given year.

So, our family stumbles through February and doesn’t put away the box of tissue until after March 3 (to be on the safe side). We know the skies will clear and the roller coaster ride will finally end…until the circus comes to town again next year.




10 thoughts on “February is Over–Finally

  1. I cannot imagine how it must have felt to lose two precious souls at the same time. I’m not surprised that February is such a sorrowful month.


    1. Thanks Sue. And I have an explanation for 66 that you mentioned last week.
      Highway 66 was the main hwy from Chicago , Illinois to Los Angeles, California for many years. The patch with 66 on it was a replica of the hwy sign marking the route across the country . The Interstate hwy system replaced that iconic byway, but Interstate 40 from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma west to California covers much of that original Hwy 66 road. Highway was made more famous by a popular song and a TV series. Now it is a popular tourist trek to make the trip along that highway visiting towns and businesses representing that era.

      Our family took a vacation on Hwy 66 in the summer of 1955 before it became an Interstate, and we remember it fondly, never thinking of its demise or its iconic future.

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      1. Oh, how interesting Margo. Of course Route 66! Very famous. Wasn’t there a cartoon film made about it too something to do with old racing cars? Thank you very much. 🙂

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  2. I ‘liked’ the post because it was well written, not because of the topic. I’m so sorry February is so hard for you. It’s a lot you have going on there. I hope March is better, filled with budding trees and flowers and maybe less snow. On the other hand I think you are living where there is no snow…so edit that last bit out.

    When I was in college I had 3 friends with birthdays on Feb 29. I guess 1956 must have been a leap year. I could look it up, but I won’t. No days I only know one still alive. I forgot to send her a card this year. I should send her one now, even though it’s late…as really this year, who knows when her birthday really is!


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