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Who Is She?

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My sister gave me an early house-warming gift this week, and she is fabulous…actually they both are wonderful…my sister and my gift.

Now, here is my challenge: What do I name this beauty?

This is a wonderful piece of art by Edward Swift, who is currently living in San Miguel having lived most of his life in New York City. His art and writings are well-known and highly acclaimed, and I’m thrilled to have one of his treasurers.(See

In keeping with his high esteem, I certainly want to give my lady (I think it is a woman) a name that is suitable. So, I’m asking for help. My sister suggested Mabel, and I’ve  been thinking Miss Curly might work (note the curls on her head), but somehow neither of those seem to capture her essence.

And what is art without essence?

Now it is your turn. Send me name suggestions, and we’ll let readers decide their favorite.

Take a long look at this beauty and submit what comes to mind.

Oh, and by the way, I’m thinking of showcasing her on my front door, which is protected in a condo building. Well, she could go in a bathroom or ….? Any ideas about that too?

Thanks for your help in giving her a perfect moniker.






14 thoughts on “Who Is She?

  1. As soon as I saw her the name Gladys came to mind-even before I read your request. But she is complex too because of the second face so I think she needs more than one name. I suggest Gladys Mae. I think hanging her over your desk would be great because she looks like she is in a state of wonder, and your writing is full of wonder.


  2. I first thought Rowena for some unknown reason, but then when I read Mother Earth I thought, yes! That’s it! I agree with the over your desk suggestion – or somewhere where she can be seen easily and often by you. Maybe even the kitchen? Where are you the most creative?


  3. How about Esmeralda? Or if not, perhaps Phronsie?
    And I’m assuming that if you’re. getting a housewarming gift, that must mean you’re about to get into the new condo! Whoopee for you!


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    1. Not in my home yet, but they keep tellling me late May or early to mid-June. Means I will have to move another time if I can’t get in by the end of May. Love your names. They definitely go on the list! Hope all is good with you. Miss having a long chat with you.


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