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Ah, Back to Laziness

Taxes have been filed, for most of us, and that means spring is really here and summer is on its way.

I’ve always taken a deep breath after I’ve filed my tax return, relief flooding through my veins like a cold gulp of iced tea on a hot day. A burden has been lifted, or so it seems, even though I don’t fill out the forms myself.

I decided long ago spending time in jail because filling in the blanks on the tax form was not part of my skill set didn’t seem appealing. Thus, I have opted to do my part in providing a part-time job to my friendly accountant.

Or at least he was friendly in February. I prefer not to test his cordiality during the first two weeks of April.

Now, with that task completed, I can look forward to warm days and nights with little to ruffle my retirement feathers…so to speak.

Yes, there are still minor challenges to face daily. Such things as deciding to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt or stay in my ratty-looking pj’s is the first decision I’m required to consider, right after I feed the doglet and gulp my first cup of English tea.

And from there, the decisions get easier.

  • Cereal or toast for breakfast?
  • Grilled cheese or tuna for lunch?
  • Balance my checkbook or wait six months?
  • Check Facebook or take a nap?
  • Answer the knocking on the door, or pretend my hearing aids need to be charged so I don’t hear anything?

And the list goes on until I must decide about dinner.

  • Popcorn or cheese and crackers?

You can see why getting my taxes filed is such a big deal. It may be the only form of excitement that teases my laziness. And laziness is heavenly.

3 thoughts on “Ah, Back to Laziness

  1. All those hard decisions, and here I always thought once one retired, there would be no more deciding to take care of. My days are much like yours, although breakfast often doesn’t happen because now I can eat whenever I get hungry, no matter the time. My biggest decision now – one that’s going to be seriously considered for awhile – is whether I should have my main meal (the cooked dish that is) midday and salad and toast for dinner, or the other way around. What do you think?


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