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Packing Once Again

I dream I am artist, painting in vivid colors the wrapping of treasured belongings in tissue, gently placing each item in a secure nook, guaranteed to be undamaged in an upcoming move. That is a dream. Reality is more of a nightmare when it comes to packing, moving, relocating, and deciding what stays and what… Continue reading Packing Once Again

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Sanity–Haiku Challenge

Oops, I gave credit to the wrong person and blog, and my apologies to Eugenia at Brewnspew Cafe who picked this wonderful word of the week: Sanity. This is my contribution to her prompt, and please check out more Sanity haikus at (And you will love the picture on her site for this prompt).… Continue reading Sanity–Haiku Challenge

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Until you have climbed or attempted to reach a high point along the Great Wall of China, one may not be able to understand and appreciate the architectural wonder of this amazing wall of stairs. And I wish someone would explain why the waterfall has two sets of stairs: one that appears as a bridge… Continue reading

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Death of a Town

The death of a town is often determined by well-intentioned citizens whose vision is brushed by fear rather than colored with possibilities. Back in the mid 1950’s, two neighboring towns, same size, 30 miles apart, faced a decision about each community’s future. Cotton farming was the mainstay of both villages, and the 50’s were a… Continue reading Death of a Town