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Thursday Doors, Trees and FOTD

I couldn’t decide whether this picture should be in Norm’s Thursday Door Photo Challenge, Cee’s FOTD Challenge,or Happiness and Food Thursday Tree Love, so I’m putting it in all three. San Miguel de Allende continues to delight me with doors, flowers and trees. See more entries in each of the challenges at https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/thursday-doors-june-13-2019/




Thursday Trees Photo Challenge, Trees, Norm's Thursday Door Photo Challenge, doors, flowers, FOTD, Cee's FOTD Photo Challenge, that little voice


Thursday Trees Photo Challenge, Norm's Thursday Door Photo Challenge, doors, flowers, FOTD, Cee's FOTD Photo Challenge, that little voice


11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, Trees and FOTD

  1. What’s happening with you?

    We are still pursuing the ever more complicated path toward condominiumization. Our buyers who were so annoying ended up backing out, and we were relieved. Meanwhile, we got another buyer, due to close on 6/25. We still have another one to sell and will probably raise the price and place it with a realtor next week.

    The airbnb had a couple last month for a week, and on Monday the season begins in earnest. We’re pretty much booked from then through July and spotty still in August and September.

    Our patio is looking great after the re-build. I’ve ordered some new patio furniture and will take pix when it’s all in place.

    Meanwhile, it’s gorgeous here and we’re really busy. I keep thinking it’ll settle down, but then ten more things pop up.

    Today we’re waiting on the appliance guy to come to fix a few small things at the duplex and the cleaning woman at 645. Then another meeting with the surveyor and lawyer. Maybe next week the To-do list will clear.



  2. Margo, that is such a beautiful tree. I am so glad you linked up and shared. I love it. Also, big thank you for following happiness and food. So excite to have you onboard. I look forward to seeing you around. ❤


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