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Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge–Bloom

Since this is a photo challenge and I wrote something about Blooms I selected pictures that have nothing to do with my verbiage. But I think they fit the prompt. See what you think, and check out other entries in this week’s Photo Challenge at

‘Bloom where you are planted’ is a saying I’ve heard throughout the years, not paying much attention to the message; mainly I hadn’t any trouble blooming, or thinking I was in a state of blossoming.

I was never a beauty; cute maybe as a baby. I’m told I was fat with crossed eyes, and laughed a lot. As I grew I lost the fat, not the eye affliction, and not my laughter. In my 40’s my husband described my expression of delight as the sound of a demented truck driver. I was very expressive, and remain so.

I wanted to be the most beautiful, the most popular, the most whatever, but wanting and knowing are very different things. Perhaps I was blessed with a sense of reality that allowed me to recognize that ‘the most’ in some things just wasn’t in my DNA.

Not until I was in a corporate setting wanting to be promoted and not understanding why I wasn’t moving up the ladder at a more rapid pace that ‘bloom where you are planted’ hit me in the face. A friend said to me (as I complained, strived, beat the table with frustration, and complained some more) I needed to squeeze all the good out of my current situation as I could.

She noted that things will change, but meanwhile make the most of where I was at that time. Yup, that meant I needed to put that bit about being planted to work.

To be candid, I won’t say I was any good at my measly efforts to be satisfied and patient, but things did change, and my life got more acceptable.

Today, I worry not about blooming. I figure I’ve done been as ‘bloomed’ as I’m going to ever get. I like not worrying about whether I have enough fertilizer, the correct amount of moisture, and the perfect sun and shade quotient. Life is a cycle of blooming and fading and reblooming. I’m  enjoying the changes in seasons, not worrying about if I will ever be the best bloom in the meadow.

That means I don’t have to worry about being picked and put in a vase, and that is a relief.

 New Blooms

         Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture

Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture                    Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture           

Full Blooms

Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture                        Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture


Past it’s Peak Bloom

Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture

Done Lost It’s Bloom

Photo Challenge, Bloom, prompt, picture

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