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Broken Kneecap Equals Pain, Grumbling and Thumb Sucking

I am no longer 24. Well darn, what a surprise.

I’m hobbling, literally, around my casita on crutches after a fall on the streets of San Miguel de Allende. This misstep resulted in a great deal of pain, a massive amount of thumb sucking, my yearly dose of anger, and a broken knee cap. I am leaving out the hours of crying, time I’ve spent sulking, and the longest running pity party ever hosted by one individual.

Did I mention the pain? Let me explain, it hurts something awful. I don’t recall the level of frustration being this high when I broke a bone in my knee when I was in my mid 20s. Youth and time do make a difference.

The minutes floating in a pool of drug induced numbness almost equals the hours indulged in pouting.

I fell at 10 in the morning and 12 hours later I was back from surgery resting in a hospital bed, looking at the fabulous dimples of the cute doctor who had just cut on me. Who could or would complain about being awaken by such a sight? Not me. There is a reason he is called Dr. Dimples.

I’m back home, being nursed by my sister who flew from Colorado to take on the task of putting up with my grouching.

I had asked her several months ago to come down for a visit, but she had rejected the invitation, happy to be spending her summer in the mountains. So, what must a woman do to get her way? Break a knee, of course.

My doglets seemed to find the stitches, barely covered by a brace, the ideal resting and wrestling spot. Off to the dog playground they went with Trump-style assurances this was summer camp and not detention.

Since arriving mere hours after my slip into ‘crutch land’, Paula has been responsible for daily bandage changing, grocery buying, retch cleaning, and emotional comforting. In between those duties she has also found time to decorate my home.

That is the real reason I wanted her to darken my door. She has quite a creative eye and can’t stand to be surrounded by clutter and an environment that is not pretty. She has moved furniture, hung pictures, and hidden items she found to be hideous. The place looks fabulous. A cracked cap may be worth the transformation she has performed.

Six weeks of staggering from bed to bath to kitchen back to bed is what to look forward to, and I will keep you updated as to how I’m progressing. I know you will be waiting with unbridled anticipation for these news flashes, so I’ll try to fulfill your voyeur interests without boring you.

Feel free to let me know what details are of most interest to you. I can make up anything!

Written from San Miguel de Allende, the city of fallen women.

22 thoughts on “Broken Kneecap Equals Pain, Grumbling and Thumb Sucking

  1. Oh, no! What a dreadful thing to have happened.
    I fell over the other day but fortunately I was on a grassy slope and the only thing damaged was my pride!

    I sympathise with your pain and I hope this lessens very soon. Where would we be without family, well done to Paula. Another pair of creative eyes is a good thing, I love having someone else to suggest and organise for me.

    I admire your sense of humour Margo and your ability to laugh at your own mishaps. Get well very soon.


  2. Having seen some of the pavements and roads I am not at all surprised that you fell Margo. Hope that all mends quickly and perfectly. Try to keep little dogs away while you’re on crutches. Not only are they a trip hazard, but the tend to pee on the crutches!


  3. Oh my! One of those life experiences we’d rather not experience, but the good is that your sister came to visit and your casita is being organized and decorated. I hope you progress quickly.


  4. Having endured a total knee replacement, I sympathize with you greatly. Bless your sister for stepping up. And remember this too shall pass and you’ll have lots of great stories to share about the ultimate in slip and fall. Chocolate isn’t off the menu, you know! Take care and keep us posted.


  5. Margo, we who know all too well the rigors of a broken kneecap, salute you! And wish you well, too!

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