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Mama Said…

Mama said there would be days like this.

Did I misunderstand? Maybe she said ‘weeks like this’, or ‘months like this’.

Mentally reviewing mother’s various sayings, she never said that at all, but someone’s mother must have said it some time, after all it is in a song, isn’t it?

You are now privy to a mind coping with the discomfort of limb damage…said limb is my broken knee cap, pinned together with figure 8 wires designed to light up the security screen at most airports. It’s a doctor’s idea of TSA revenge.

Now 2+ weeks into this recouping exercise, the doc says another 2-3 weeks of NO WEIGHT ON THAT LEG. These instructions came a week after the physical therapist said PUT WEIGHT ON THAT LEG. I think that is what she said, after all it was spoken in her best English, which is certainly better than my no Spanish.

These new instructions result in immobility, frightful mind games, bed rest with my doglets wrestling on said bed ensuring no rest for the injured.

My sister left to return to non-servitudial duty after weeks of fetching, cooking, buying, decorating, and tolerating pitiful whines. I recommend maintaining a good relationship with a sibling for just such emergencies.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing from lots of friends, trying to unfog my mind so I can write something worth reading, and learning to stumble along on crutches with one leg swung out in front (no weight on it) while the other carries the burden of my body thus putting bruises on my crutch-clutching palms.

I promised enlightening updates about my progress, and this is the best I can do.

I would be remiss ilf I didn’t mention that I am in a lovely setting, looking out my bedroom door at a flower laden patio dominated by fuchsia bougainvillea and accented by multi-colored geranium. The temp is 75 degrees ,skies are clear and blue. Not a bad place to enjoy one’s injuries.

8 thoughts on “Mama Said…

  1. The good news is you don’t have to deal with icy conditions, creating risk of another fall. I hope you heal more quickly than the doctor projected and you are soon dancing down the streets minus crutches.


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