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Zero: The Beginning or the End?

Zero–what does it mean to me?

It seems so permanent, final, no room to move.

Zero is Daily Addictions word prompt for the day, and I’m having difficulty expressing my feelings about the word.

I’m a person who looks at the glass as half full, and when I think of zero it conjures up the vision of an empty glass, nothing in it, not half full or half empty, but void of anything. Turned upside down, not open for any additional input.

A bit depressing some would say, but I look at it as the final number.

Do you think of zero as a starting point, the beginning? I look at it as the end, no further to go.

Maybe that’s what could be put on my tombstone: 0. Nothing left, it’s over, used up, ended.

How’s that for an uplifting thought on this Sunday evening, August 25?

See more, probably a bit more thoughtful, takes on the word Zero, at https://dailyaddictions542855004.wordpress.com/2019/08/25/daily-addictions-august-25-2019/.



4 thoughts on “Zero: The Beginning or the End?

  1. Hmmm. Zero. I’ve never really thought about it. I think maybe it’s an empty vessel waiting to be filled up, so I guess I do see it as a beginning.


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