Writing Laryngitis

Have you noticed the ‘little voice’ has been almost silent the past few months? The voice has been less than little, it has been virtually non-existent. I’ll call it writing laryngitis, rather than laziness, it sounds so much more exotic.

The truth is this busted knee has occupied my time, my mind and my emotions for the past two months, and I’m slowly and hesitantly getting back in the swing of a routine. This is difficult when I have two dogs acting like  rowdy  and undisciplined 12 year old boys, water aerobics classes, physical therapy, learning to walk without the aid of two poles, overcoming pure fear of falling again, reading favorite blogs, yelling at the TV whenever I see/read the dangerous, idiotic, foolish, and destructive behavior of the White House occupant, and making time for moaning and groaning. Who has time to write? That is my multitude of excuses and I’m pulling them all out in my defense.

I do try to make time to buy groceries, water the plants, be walked by the dogs, chat with friends, and take naps. Some of those duties are mandatory and some optional…but they all need to be accomplished sometime during the week. Thus, my voice has been interrupted, put off, ignored, forgotten, and generally not heard or read.

It’s not like I have the largest following in the world, in fact, I may have the smallest group of folks who read what I write, when I write. But I am appreciative of any and all comments, likes, and general feedback I get from those loyal readers. So, I am committing to do better, meaning I will do my best to cut down on other activities, except the moaning and groaning, and make time for the written word.

Another thing I have put off is learning the language of Mexico. I just haven’t made the time or effort to begin the process of making myself understood in Spanish. I’m more than intimidated with the prospect, since my college days when I tried to master French. Language does not come easily to me, even English. I can read and write in my native tongue, but often the words get stuck somewhere between my brain and tongue causing me to not be as affluent as I wish.

So, I blame my hesitation in trying Spanish on not hearing well, not speaking well, and of course, no time. The truth is, I’m afraid. I’m fearful I will fail, be misunderstood, stumble, not ‘get it’, so it is easier just not to get started.

I know I will overcome my qualms…if I live long enough!




16 thoughts on “Writing Laryngitis

  1. It sounds like this is being a challenging time for you and that perhaps you would like more ease in balancing all the things (health, language, dogs…) you are juggling right now. And is it that you would like to have more fluency and capacity to communicate with the locals in Mexico, the place where you have chosen to live?

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  2. Lord have mercy, Margo, I broke my dumb leg two full years ago and I still can’t walk right, talk right, or think right! (But I do really well thinking left!)So don’t be so darn hard on yourself! You had a huge shock to your system, lady, and it takes a huge while to get over it!
    Kareyb who’s been there, done that, and still trying to get over it!
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  3. I agree with Karey B. You had a massive painful shock to your system. It takes time to recover. Be proud of how far you’ve come.

    My fear is the staircase, after falling down a few steps, not hurt, just bruised I avoid them as much as possible and take the lift (elevator) every time! So I really understand your fear of falling again.

    For the record, I always enjoy your writing.

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    1. Thanks Sue. I so appreciate your comments. We are so often burdened by the old messages we repeat to ourselves such as:

      1. Be tough
      2. Keep going
      3. Don’t show weakness
      4. Don’t cry
      5. Move through the pain
      And the list goes on and on. We get those messages as children, or at least I did and they are hard to ignore and reprogram.
      Thank goodness I have wonderful friends who can remind me I’m fine. Gracias.

      Margo Johnson

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      Subject: [that little voice] Comment: “Writing Laryngitis”

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  4. Marco, I only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short time, but it was readily apparent to me that you were not someone to sit around on their laurels. You’re full of life and energy and a go-getter so if you’ve had to slow down, it’s because you need to. You definitely haven’t lost your voice since I heard it so clearly in this piece. Maybe the laryngitis is healing. As for those messages that plague us, send them back to hell where they came from. The only place a stiff upper lip belongs is on a corpse. And you are certainly not that!

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    1. I never thought of a stiff upper lip being on a corpse, but I may have to write about that. Thanks for your encouragement, and isn’t it frustrating at 77 to still be hearing messages that we picked up at the age of 9 or 10?

      Loving your paintings. mj

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  5. ps The trick to learning a new language is the willingness to murder it in the attempt and to laugh at yourself. At least that’s what’s worked for me.

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