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Peace and Quiet

These are rare scenes with these two playmates, Sergio and Radar). But in both pictures they have agreed upon a truce and are resting Peacefully. Thank goodness! See more Peace pictures at    

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It’s Buying Time: Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town. Yes, we can now start singing along with the Yuletide tunes playing over every store speaker. In fact, some retailers are brazen enough to blast it across acres of parking lots, getting us ready to open our wallets for traditional gift buying. Admittedly, I like to shop, and there… Continue reading It’s Buying Time: Christmas

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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving In the United States today is Thanksgiving Day, a span of 24 hours when we share food, time, and blessings with our loved ones and those we may not know. Some years it is difficult to give thanks for our plight in life. Perhaps we have lost a loved one, or had financial reversals,… Continue reading Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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Thursday Tree Love

Several. years ago, I drove over Monarch Pass in southern Colorado on my way to my sister and brother-in-law’s home. At the time I was living in south central Texas where we didn’t see much snow, so I couldn’t resist taking some snowy tree pictures as I drove through ice and snow. It seems appropriate… Continue reading Thursday Tree Love

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Time and Clocks

When I saw the Weekly Prompt photo challenge feature the topic of Clock the Time, I immediately glanced at the empty Grandfather Clock case standing in a corner of my living room. It’s patiently waiting for repairs and cleaning to be completed. I wonder: if there are no ‘innards’, no clock face, no ticking, does… Continue reading Time and Clocks

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More Than Doors

I wandered into an alcove recently in central San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and discovered not only a lovely door, but also outstanding artwork surrounding the entry. Here are some pictures of the fantastic images painted on the four walls and ceiling enhancing this entry.                     … Continue reading More Than Doors

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Orderly Affairs

  I’ve spent some time recently ‘getting my affairs in order’, and that means trying to leave hints around as to how to get into my computer, my passwords for my credit cards, where my will is, who gets what, and what I want played at my memorial service. Now this begs the question of… Continue reading Orderly Affairs