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Time and Clocks

When I saw the Weekly Prompt photo challenge feature the topic of Clock the Time, I immediately glanced at the empty Grandfather Clock case standing in a corner of my living room. It’s patiently waiting for repairs and cleaning to be completed.

I wonder: if there are no ‘innards’, no clock face, no ticking, does that mean time does not pass, but rather stands still? I wonder.

But I know that isn’t true, for I dart about, running this way and then that way, attempting to stay ahead of changing time. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I hear the pendulum swinging, reminding me of the seconds I am living through, even when the clock is silent.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. I try not to stop and listen, avoiding the insistent and never ending movement of the racing seconds, as steady and predictable as my breath.

I know time is moving when I enter another room and find a second time reminder, this one marching along at it’s own pace. The rope is frayed, the face shows the 175 to 200 years of constant time keeping. Sometimes the hands push ahead rapidly, and then seem to slacken their pace, losing time as if making an effort to slow the seconds and minutes and hours inhibiting their passage.

I have a clock in my house for the singular purpose of telling how long I have brushed my teeth, another to alert me it’s time to get up. My favorite though is the one above my desk. It reminds me of how seriously I should take the telling of time.

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