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It’s Buying Time: Christmas

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Yes, we can now start singing along with the Yuletide tunes playing over every store speaker. In fact, some retailers are brazen enough to blast it across acres of parking lots, getting us ready to open our wallets for traditional gift buying.

Admittedly, I like to shop, and there is something buried deep in my psyche that pushes me to wander down aisles searching for the perfect something that will satisfy that inner need to purchase, spend money, even if I don’t have adequate funds for all the ‘must have’ things I see.

I find myself looking at websites, flipping through page after page of available articles of clothing or kitchen ware, or home decor treasurers I’m certain someone in my family would love. And when I spot that ‘perfect thing’ a friend will love, the temptation is too great to pass it by without plopping down my credit card and toting it back to my car.

Some might say shopping is an addiction, but I think it is instinctive. Of course I do, who wants to believe they are driven by additions? And though most men are bored silly sitting around as their significant other tries on clothes or dwells tirelessly on what color of towels would work best in the neighbor’s spare bathroom, have you ever been to a hardware shop with that same partner and wonder in amazement as to the time they can spend fondling a hammer or scrutinizing various nails and bits and screwdrivers? It’s instinctive, I’m telling you.

Now I see more kids oogling and aahing around the electronics aisles than in the toy department. The latest gadget that will enhance their access to the Internet or up their game scores online can occupy them for hours.

Now that Thanksgiving is barely over, and the Black Friday sales are in full swing, we can agree, Santa Claus is coming to town.

Ain’t it fun?

5 thoughts on “It’s Buying Time: Christmas

  1. I don’t like to shop. That is, to be clear, in stores. Online is a whole different story. But a few years ago my family agreed we wouldn’t exchange Christmas gifts because we really do have more than we need. Sure makes the holiday season less stressful.


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