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Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter

Hello Folks,

This is my ‘catch you up on what’s happening in my life’ review for 2019, boring as it may be. But, hey, I need to write a column, I need to post a blog, and I need to assure people who have sent me messages throughout the year (and who I have not answered) that I am alive, and mostly well.

The most important things first. (Pause) Now that I think about it, there are no important things. Just the regular mundane activities that go on when living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, such as broken kneecaps, food poisoning, shelter dogs, new friends, buying a new condo. You know, those things that are routine when starting a new life in a foreign country.

Guess I’ll start with the unimportant.

I’ll in earlh 2020, with any luck, on my newly constructed condo in the San Antonio area of San Miguel (SMA), just a few minutes stroll to Centro and the lovely historic Parroquia and Jardin. This is an amazing city, full of color, music, food, people, parades, architecture and, of course, history. My casita is perfect for me and I’m thrilled to be right here at this time.

I sold my house in La Grange this summer which leaves me foot loose in the states, allowing me to have my residence anywhere there. My sister and brother-in-law are purchasing a winter home in Tucson, AZ and will travel back and forth between their home in southern CO and southern AZ. That means I can visit family and friends throughout the United States. They prefer my visits be short term, please.

I acquired another dog this year; Sergio is his name and he is a black typical Mexican dog. If you don’t know what I mean it’s hard to explain, but he is delightful. I call him a lumberer. He’s about a year old, playful, more powerful than he realizes, and wants to be a lapdog, though he is more of a lap-leg-stomach-chest-face dog. Compared to his smaller brother Radar, who fits nicely on my lap, he is a chair full. They add a great deal of joy to my life and have increased my vocabulary and vocal volume to include nasty names at decimal levels generally produced by hard rock instruments.

I fell in early August, not an unusual event on these cobblestone streets, and broke my kneecap, also not unheard of in these parts. I’m fine. Walking, a bit more cautiously, without pain except in climbing stairs, Still working on that, but improving every day. Most beautiful doctor I’ve ever seen tended to me, or was it the drugs that transformed him into a god? Who cares, we all have our dreams.

I’m heading to the lovely city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico for Christmas, will return before the end of the year to host an open house/housewarming with my neighbors, and a wonderful New Year’s celebration with a women’s group we formed this year. I’m on the hunt for a honey-baked ham, which is not available, apparently, in all of Mexico. Sigh.

2019 has been a remarkable year, filled with challenges, highs, lows, serene walks, heartwarming relationships, and experiences never dreamed of. In other words, a perfect year. I hope the same has been true for you and yours, and that 2020 offers even more of the same.

The world needs our best as we look forward to the new year and a new decade. All of us can make peace possible, homelessness a nightmare of the past, injustice a bad memory, and universal equality a reality.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry 3 Kings Day, all wrapped in one giant year end toast and sealed with love.

Come see me anytime. My spare bedroom is always available. Short visits preferable.

Love, and Hugs to those I don’t really know,


19 thoughts on “Annual (and Less than Inspired) Christmas Letter

    1. Thanks Sue.It has been an eventful year and I hope the world finds less pain in 2020 and more joy. We are fortunate to be living in this time in history, although it is often uncomfortable. Have a wonderful holiday season. And thank you for following and commenting on my blog.

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  1. Oh Margo – the kneecap doctor had me laughing – great to have a good doc vs incompetent – 😉
    And sorry about the food poisoning and well / you have a positive outlook and liked your summation and encouraging – happy holidays


  2. Nothing in this life seems boring….just changing. But I guess for me it is time that just vanishes into the past, it hard to believe that we near the end of yet another year so quickly. Now befor you say it is age related…. we know many young folk who in their working lives make the same comment on time.


    1. Thanks for your response David. Can’t begin to tell you how much your photos lighten my soul, and broaden my view of your world. Thanks for sharing each one. Yep time does slip away, turning those minutes and hours into memories, some remembered and most just lived. Interesting, isn’t it? Have a wonderful 2020 and keep those pictures coming.

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  3. Sending those happy holiday wishes back to you, down there where you don’t wake up to 15 degree temperatures. Enjoy your visit to Oaxaca – I almost got there when I vacationed in Huatulco once, but not quite.


    1. Thanks Carol. Yes, this morning it is chilly 45 degrees, but so far haven’t needed to light up my fireplace. This may the coldest we have been this winter. Come down and I’ll go to Oaxaca with you. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season.

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  4. Thanks Margo. I hope that 2020 brings joy with lots of laughter and good health. The years do seem to get faster but that is just modern life I think. How many can you fit in that spare bedroom? I reckon there could be a dozen of us coming to visit! If I don’t manage it I will still enjoy your little voice, and especially all the vivid colours and fantastic doors and street art. A happy and healthy New Year to you.


  5. Well, it’s 16 F here in Michigan, so I am a bit envious of your Mexican Christmas. Your year sounds similar to mine, including the falling and breaking stuff. And the walking more carefully part. I did not, however, acquire another dog. Though I wouldn’t mind if I did. Husband on the other hand. Well. Looking forward to hearing more about your new build condo in 2020! Have a great holiday in the meantime!


    1. 16 degrees means ice, here we only have cobbled streets to navigate. It is a frosty 38 degrees…now that is winter in San Miguel. But heading south to Oaxaca tomorrow where it is a bit warmer. Have a great holiday and extend it as long as you can. Meanwhile, walk carefully and play freely.


  6. Hey, Margo. I’m not sure what happened where that our blogging paths diverted from each other, but I just re-posted a little tidbit involving you from years earlier. I didn’t realize how much I missed your wisdom and grace and exuberance until I suddenly realized it wasn’t there anymore. (I can be a bit slow, at times.) Here’s hoping that we can rekindle. It sounds like you are having the best of times, and I’m hungry for more of your adventures…


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