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Whose Truth are You Following?

Not being a regular Facebook follower, I was surprised to see a post from someone requesting a practical, unemotional, thoughtful argument about the merits (or demerits, if there is such a word) of our current political leadership.

I had to laugh out loud.

Someone tell me who would go to Facebook to get practical, unemotional and thoughtful dialogue about the positives and negatives of why we agree or disagree with the right vs. left environment we find ourselves in today?

I know social media is used for all types of messaging: updates on family members, recipes, life changing events, wise words, dumb words, dribble, humorous. But, is this really the way to get serious insight into what is going on?

Those of us following the political shenanigans going on in Washington these days have selected sources we visit regularly to get news and opinions. Most of those places are affirming our own particular views. If you are watching FOX News regularly you probably lean to the right. If you tune into MSNBC, I’m betting you are standing on the left of center. We want to find reinforcement of our own beliefs. Don’t confuse me with multiple views requiring me to think, judge, study, investigate, search, and listen. It is much easier to hear the same voices day after day, hour after hour affirming my opinions as valid and true.

It is easier to let others do the task of securing information and feeding it to me. The taste is familiar, the table setting is familiar, the voices are familiar, and it requires no work on my part, just accept their truth as my truth.

If we are in search of unbiased, unemotional, and thought filled rhetoric, I must do my own work. And for most of us it means reading multiple publications, viewing multiple purveyors of news, and listening to our own truths, our own values, our own voices.

That exercise can be painful, uncomfortable, unpredictable, but insightful. You may come through the process with the same belief. But you owe it to yourself to explore other ideas and possibilities, searching for experts who have been involved, weighing the merits of conflicting scenarios, and trusting the speakers

Social media is proving to be filled with propaganda from unknown sources, thus minimizing its credibility for truth and unbiased content.

Local newspapers, national publications, such as Christian Science Monitor, public television and radio stations, have historically offered clear and balanced reporting.

Do your homework. Our country depends on it.

6 thoughts on “Whose Truth are You Following?

  1. Words of wisdom, much the same as I have preached many times. I rely on my local PBS station for news as balanced as I’ve found anywhere – and try to keep an open mind, but boy is it hard! Mostly I am left with distaste in my mouth and disgust for the lack of integrity in our government, and possibly the world.


    1. Carol, thanks for your thoughts. It is difficult to stay centered, and truth be told, I’m not all that good at it. I’m so disenchanted with Trump and his slapdash policies that I want to scream, but I’m attempting to practice what I preach.

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  2. I agree with you totally. We have to do enough research to make a good decision. It’s is incumbent upon us to do this. That being said, there’s inky so much time I can give it in a day, so I have to have my go-to resources like you. I don’t enjoy politics, but I know I have to know enough about what’s going on to make a good decision when I head to the polls.

    Great post Margo!


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