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Heading to Mass–Weekly Smile

On a beautiful Sunday morning, this elderly couple shuffled toward the San Antonio church in San Miguel de Allende, sharing thoughts and supporting each other along the cobbled walkways. They brought a smile as I followed them for several blocks.

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weekly smiles, Sunday, elderly couple, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


4 thoughts on “Heading to Mass–Weekly Smile

  1. Did it bring a twinge of envy?
    I still feel that way when I see older couples going about their business. I miss what might gave been, how about you?


    1. No I didn’t feel envy. I thought it was sweet, but Usually one or the other becomes a care giver, which is a terrific burden, especially as we age. I would love to have Jack back, but I’m glad he won’t face the task of possibly caring for me, more than he did for 20 years.

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